Ethical rules

Allmembers of Freyas Cats are obliged to follow these rules.

In the event of violations, the board will impose disciplinary measuresin relation to the extent of the violation, cf. The clubs statutes§2.

1. A member must at all times ensure that all cats under the member's control are properly kept.

The health and welfare of each individual cat and kitten is to be the most important thing for each member.

The cats must have high-quality cat food and fresh water available 24 hours a day and receive proper veterinary care when necessary.

2. Members are encouraged to maintain good hygiene, the food bowls, cat litter etc. must be kept clean.

The cats must have access to places where they can lay, and places where they can sleep without being disturbed.

3. Members must ensure that the cats have toys, climbing trees and the like.

Every single cat and kitten enquires daily, individual love and attention.

4. The cats must have sufficient space to frolic, and should live as part of the family. Keeping cats in cages on a daily basis is not prohibited.

The temperature has to be suitable and must be able to be regulated as needed.

5. All cats are to be vaccinated regularly in accordance with the veterinarian's recommendations.

In the case of sick cats and kittens, a veterinarian must be consulted.

Necessary precautions must be taken to limit and avoid the spread of viruses and bacterial diseases.

6. Conditions for the sale of cats and kittens:

a) Members must guarantee that the cat is healthy at the time of sale.

b) Members shall always be honest and provide information about the cat's personality and health, as well as provide additional information that is important to the buyer.

c) Members must compose a written sales agreement, which describes all the sales terms, and comply with this agreement.

d) Members are to encourage buyers to bring their cats to see their own veterinarian as soon as possible after the purchase, to confirm the cat's good health.

e) Members cannot hand the cat over to new owners until it has been vaccinated at least once against panleukopenia ("cat disease"), rhinotracheitis (herpes) and calici ("cat flu").

f) If the kitten is handed over to the buyer before re-vaccination, it must be stated in the sales agreement that the buyer is obliged to have the kitten re-vaccinated so that it is covered according to regulations.

g) Members cannot hand over the kitten until it is at least 12 weeks old and it is recommended to have kittens neutered before handing over to a new owner. Alternatively, the member can state in the purchase agreement that the cat must be neutered at the latest at 6 months of age.

h) Members must prioritize responsible and loving homes for their kittens.

i) Members are strongly advised to microchip and insure all cats.

j) Members must register all cats in at least one recognized association

(Freyas Cats, TICA, CFA, FIFe, GCCF, WCF), and must hand over the cat's papers in accordance with the association's rules.

7. A member must only breed with the intention of maintaining and/or improving the standard of the breed and the health and welfare of cats with regard to the following:-
a) By striving to eliminate hereditary diseases within their cats and their breed.

b) That the health, physical welfare and form of function of cats are of the greatest importance, andthat a member shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that cats bred by them do not suffer from any disorder that impairs their sight, breathing or ability to move freely or is otherwise detrimental to their comfort and well-being.

c) Careful recording of health, pedigrees, vaccinations and matings is recommended.

8. Mating must not be made between siblings, father/daughter, mother/son or the like.

Half-sibling matings or matings with a similar degree of inbreeding should be avoided. The degree of inbreeding is calculated on the basis of a 5-generation pedigree; when using imports, the pedigree information available for 3-5 generations is used.

9. Precautions must be taken to ensure that inappropriate matings do not occur.

10. Compatible pregnant female cats (lactating female cats and their litters) may be housed individually or in pairs.

11. Members must ensure that female cats have litters at intervals that are reasonable in terms of health.

It is not recommended that a female cat have more than 3 litters in 24 months, it is recommended that there are 8 months or more between each litter.

It is recommended that a female cat is at least 10-12 months old before it is included in the breeding program.

All agreements between buyers, sellers and foster homes regarding cats, kittens, breeding services must be in writing.

12. Members may not sell or give away fertile cats to backyard breeders or the like, and may not sell or hand over cats for experimental use.

It is not permitted to sell cats or breeding services at auction.

It is not permitted to sell breeding animals or offer matings to an unregistered breeder.

13. When receiving a pedigree in Freyas Cats, the club's ethical rules and pedigree rules must be followed, otherwise this will result in not being able to receive pedigrees and possible exclusion at the next general meeting.

Stopping the issuing of pedigrees must be decided by a majority of the board.

14. Members are expected to have a positive attitude that reflects themselves, and puts the cat club Freyas Cats and TICA in a good light.

Talking about the club and/or its members should be positive, it should be aimed at each disagreement being taken personally and not publicly on, for example, social media.

15. Exhibition results are to come second in relation to the cats' health and welfare, and in relation to maintaining a positive environment between cat lovers.

Whether you are an exhibitor or an audience member, you must comply with the established rules for exhibitions.