Become a member

As an active member you get:

  • Help to guide in TICA

  • 1 vote during the general meeting.

  • Free advertisement on the club's website for breeders.

  • Opportunity to be elected to the board.


Support member:

We are a newly started club and need all the help we can get, comeand support us.


Family membership:

Applies to members of the same household.

To obtain family membership, at least one member of the household must be a primary member of Freya's Cats.

Family members can not vote at the general meeting, but otherwise have the same rights as the main member.

In the case of family membership, the name of the main member must be given.


Account number: 1506.86.80511

REMEMBER to enter your name and phone number in the message box in your bank.

It is also possible to pay with


You will find us under the name

REMEMBER to enter your name and

telephone number.

If you choose to pay via paypal, charges apply

a small fee of NOK 20.

When paying, you must therefore add NOK 20 extra to the payment total.

Example NOK 520 for active membership.

Active membership
Support member
Family membership

The membership is valid from the date the quota is registered on our account.