Welcome to Freyas Cats

As of today, we are the only Norwegian club affiliated with TICA USA. The club is open to everyone, whether your cat has a pedigree, is a domestic cat or if you just love cats! Our wish is to fill a void for breeders and cat people in general, which does not already exist in this country. We want to be able to have an open relationship with the country's other cat organizations and have no intentions of working against already

established associations.
We are currently planning on organizing one exhibition annually, but in the long term we hope to increase the amount. This depends on the interest from both Norwegian and international exhibitors, so when the chance presents itself it is up to you to sign up.

The club's purpose is to:

• Work to promote knowledge about cats and proper cat holding
• Inform about breeding, keeping cats and rearing of healthy animals
• Spread knowledge about the cat’s characteristics and behaviour
• Increase the cat's status as a domestic animal

We wish everyone a warm welcome to Freyas Cats and hope you will enjoy yourself here with us.