Bylaws for Freyas Cats
Revised 15.12.2022

§1. The club's name
1.1. The club's name is Freyas Cats
1.2. Foundation date 15.12.2022.
1.3. The association's address will be the club manager's address.

§ 2. Purpose
The club's purpose is:
a) To promote the cat's welfare, which applies to all cats.

No difference between domestic cats, mixed cats and purebred cats.

b) To form bonds of friendship between cat people, across national borders and associations and in that way actively promote the cat's value and cat people's interests.

c) To hold annual exhibitions, lectures and other things that are of interest to the club's members.

d) To support all TICA's breeders and encourage them to breed according to health,
temperament and TICA's breed standards.

e) To promote animal welfare of all kinds, regardless of breed or species and to prevent all types of animal abuse.

f) To promote the benefit of neutering all cats that are not part of a breeding program, in order to thereby avoid unwanted cats.

§ 3. Membership
3.1.Anyone with an interest in owning, exhibiting or breeding domestic cats is welcome in our club.
New members fill in an application for membership and are obliged to pay the set membership fee.

3.2.Applications from people who have been convicted of animal cruelty or deprived of the right to keep animals, or who have been banned from other associations due to disciplinary reasons, will not be accepted.

The board has the right to reject membership and can also cancel existing membership if the aforementioned reasons arise.

Such matters will be taken up by the board and adopted by voting.

3.3.Freyas Cats has three types of membership.
a. Main membership: for people over 18 years of age.

These have one vote at member meetings and general meetings.

b. Family membership: for the other members of the household over the age of 18. These have the same rights as main members.

c. Supporting membership: These have no voting rights, but are still part of the club in other ways.

3.4.Member responsibility: All Freyas Cats members are required to comply with the club's statutes and ethical rules.

Members are obliged to comply with all agreements entered into regarding cats,
regardless of what the agreement is and with whom these are entered into.

In the event of a breach of the club's statutes, any membership will be taken up for consideration by the board, where a possible warning or temporary ban will be voted on. The board is obliged to make decisions on behalf of the club and the cat at all times.

A final ban is made at a general meeting, where all members entitled to vote can take part in making the final decision.

All complaints must be in writing and anonymous complaints will not be processed.

§ 4. Membership fee, accounting and audit
4.1. Membership fee. The membership fee for the various membership types is set each year by the general meeting, and applies for 1 year from the date of payment.

In the event of non-payment of the membership fee, the membership is terminated after 1 month.

4.2. The board is responsible for providing an overview of the budget and accounts at the general meeting.

4.3. The club's accounts follow the calendar year.

4.4. The accounts are audited by those responsible elected at the general meeting.

§ 5. Power to bind.
5.1. The club is bound by the joint signatures of the chairman and one board member or by the joint signatures of the entire board.

§ 6. Affiliation
6.1. Freyas Cats is affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA).

The club's board members must both be members of TICA and be main members of Freyas Cats.

6.2. At any given time, there must be at least 5 main members (including the board), who are members of TICA.

6.3.The club can only adopt and enforce statutes, which do not conflict with TICA's By-Laws and other rules.

§ 7. Area
7.1. Freyas Cats works primarily for cat owners, exhibitors and breeders in Norway and
neighboring countries.

§ 8. Meetings
8.1. The board holds open quarterly meetings as needed.

These are preferably held in February, May, August and November.

Time and place are determined by the board.

8.2. Additional meetings may be called if necessary, at the request of the chairman, the board or at the written request of five members entitled to vote.

8.3. Board members currently cover all expenses in connection with meetings themselves, but this may change at a later date.

8.4. For reasons of consideration, all board meetings are held on teams or other web services.

In connection with exhibitions organized by the club, where it is sought that as many members as possible participate, physical meetings will be held.

§ 9. General meeting
The general meeting is, when it is legally convened, competent to make decisions and thus also the club's highest authority.

9.1. The general meeting is held annually and at the latest at the end of March.

The notice must be sent at least 6 weeks in advance and can be sent by e-mail or post. The agenda, annual report and any submitted proposals must be in the hands of the members no later than two weeks before the general meeting is held.

9.2. Each main member has one vote, but each household can have a maximum of two votes.

9.3. Proposals for new board members must be presented at the general meeting.

9.4. In order to be elected to the board, candidates for the board must be members of both Freyas Cats and TICA.

9.5. All proposals made by members must be sent to the chairman no later than 4 weeks before the general meeting and must be marked "proposals to GF".

The proposal is considered delivered when the sender has received a receipt from the chairman of the board.

Changes to the articles of association are decided by a majority of at least 2/3 of those entitled to vote present.

Other proposals are decided by ordinary majority decision.

In the event of an equality of votes, the proposal falls away.

A written vote must be complied with if at least one of the members present so

9.6. An ordinary general meeting is held according to the following agenda:

Election of chairperson, reporter and vote counter.
Counting of the number of voters present.
Annual report is presented and approved.

Accounts are presented and approved.
Review of members' and board's matters.
Determining changes in dues and approving the budget.
Election of treasurer, board members, chairman, accounting manager and others who
stand for re-election.

9.7. Report from the general meeting must be approved by the chairman, chairperson and referee and must therefore be posted on the club's website no later than three weeks after the general meeting has been held.

9.8. Articles of association enter into force immediately after the general meeting has been held, unless otherwise decided and adopted at the general meeting.

9.9. If the board deems it necessary, or when at least 1/3 of members entitled to vote have made a written request, an extraordinary general meeting must be held.

The notice period for this is, if desired by the members, two weeks.

In these cases, the general meeting must be held no later than four weeks after the request has been made known to the chairman of the board.

The notice must include an agenda, similar to that presented at an ordinary general meeting, as well as a justification for why an extraordinary general meeting is being held.

§ 10. The board
10.1. The board consists of the chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer and an adviser.

In addition to this, two deputies are elected.

These have the right to speak, but not the right to vote, at board meetings.

It is the previously mentioned who have the day-to-day responsibility for running
and managing the club.

10.2. The chairman and the rest of the board members are elected at the general meeting and their duties start immediately.

The chairman and treasurer are elected directly at the general meeting,
while the other roles on the board are distributed among the elected board members.

A board role lasts for two years, where one year the chairman and one board member are elected at the general meeting and the following year the treasurer and the other two board members are elected.

This is to avoid the entire board being renewed at once without having an overview of what is going on.

10.3. If a board member resigns, the deputy member with the most votes will take over the resigned role.

10.4. The board is entitled to select members outside the board to assist in the club's affairs.
Committees can be set up to work towards different objectives and these will cooperate with the board and are obliged to keep the board updated regarding their work.

Such committees are established when necessary.

10.5. The chairman is the chairman of the meeting and can also choose to chair meetings of the previously mentioned committees.

Formally, the chairman is always the chairman of all established

10.6. The deputy chairman is, in the chairman's absence, always his deputy.

10.7. The secretary's most important duties are to write report from all board meetings and present them at the next meeting.

Furthermore, the secretary is responsible for membership lists, with all
that entails of membership numbers, names and addresses of all the club's members.

10.8. The treasurer is responsible for the cash balance and ensures a bank account in the club's name.

This account must be able to accept payments from abroad.

The treasurer is also obliged to keep order in disbursements and receipts and to report on the club's financial situation at all board meetings.

The treasurer is obliged to forward the name and address of all paid memberships to the secretary.

10.9. The advisor is a member who has good knowledge of TICA and TICA's club and exhibition procedures.

The advisor must be available to help and give advice to the club when necessary, or if
the advisor feels that the club is not living up to its objectives or is otherwise not following through on its obligations towards TICA.

10.10. Every year, by the first of April, the chairman, secretary and treasurer must prepare an annual report for TICA.

This must contain a list of members with addresses, a report from last year's
exhibitions held, a copy of the annual accounts and budget, as well as any other information TICA may require.

10.11. The board is authorized to take out loans of up to NOK 150,000 under the club's auspices.
No member, not even board members, shall be personally liable for the club's expenses or income.
Freyas Cats is solely responsible for its assets.