The board


Vibeke Marie Aasgaard, 37 years old living in Moss.

I have a Maine Coon Cattery.
The cats are family members and live everyday life with us.
Proud to include polydactyl Maine coons in our breeding work, as they represent an important part of the Maine Coon's history and unique genetic variations.
The reason why I sit on this board is my commitment, experience from previous board positions and because I want a TICA club in Norway with opportunities for exhibitions.

Deputy Chairman

Hege Raklev, 50years old, live in Tromsø.

I`ve had boardposition in another federation.


Elisabeth Stjernevall, 36, married and lives in Halden.
Breedre of Maine Coons, Glittertind, where we have now included polydactyle maine coons.
I agreed to this position to contribute with my knowledge and I am very interested in animal welfare and look forward to new challenges.


Tina Desirée Skaue Karstensen,

30 years old and living in Jessheim. I'm very committed and look forward to new challenges. I own a maine coon boy and have a polydactyl maine coon girl on breeding terms. I'm very interested in good animal welfare, and in my home the cats are a member of the family. I also have a dream of becoming a breeder in the future and am looking forward to TICA exhibitions here in Norway.


Marita Sørensen, 35 years old, born in Norway, but lives in Sweden. Breeder of Maine Coon with the cattery name Taschanas and has been in TICA since 2015.
Grew up in a Birman cattery and traveled with my mother to exhibitions around Norway as a child.
We were the first to get a Maine Coon Polydactyl as Champion in Sweden on their first TICA exhibition -22 and we are very much looking forward to Freyas Cats' exhibitions in Norway!